There are a number of ways you may choose to file a concern/complaint.

  1. You may stop by the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector’s Office at 47 Weaver Rd., Kennedy Building, Storrs, and file the concern/complaint in person.
  2. You may call our Fire Marshal’s Office at (860) 486-4878. If you feel there is an imminent threat to injury or life please call the Fire Department (860) 486-3135 and ask to speak to the shift commander.
  3. You may also e-mail your concern/complaint to or Fax to 860-486-4677.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Address/location of the concern/violation.
  2. A detailed description of the concern/complain/violation with a specific location.
  3. Any other pertinent information that you feel may be useful.

Your concern/complaint will remain anonymous. If you wish to have a callback, please give us your name and contact information. A Fire Marshal’s Office representative will get back to you.
The timeframe may vary, due to staffing and other factors such as fires or other priorities. Typically complaints are inspected and verified within 10 business days. If it is determined that a fire code violation actually exists, a correction notice will be sent to the responsible party.

If you should have any additional questions, you may contact our office at 860-486-4878.